Sunday, 22 June 2014

22nd June 2014

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Lots to catch up on after two days of football.

The headline news is that Thijs DeBont has closed to within 6 points of Richard Rye who is still leading. However with both Thijs and Richard going for the same outcomes tonight, with only slight score differences, the leader position will not change. 

However a draw between Belgium and Russia and a win for Algeria would push Fiacre back up the table. 

Yesterday's Argentina v Iran game caused almost as much heartache for our predictors as it did for the Iranian players - not really. Any neutral would have been upset for the Iranians and the manner of their defeat but in our scoring the late goal meant slightly less negative scores than if Iran had drawn the game. Everyone had Argentina to win - some by cricket scores.

The other 'outsider' team that has drawn admiration is Coast Rica. Once again only one person dared go for Costa Rica to beat Italy - this time Leah Cassidy. Amazingly Costa Rica might now top their group. Sales of Costa Rica shirts have rocketted!

On our website we have a new page which contains more prediction stats for those so inclined. It is a list of all games and the scorelines predicted.Have a look here

With ROUND 2 approaching fast please keep an eye on your email for updates. You will have to get your predictions done between end of the last Round 1 game, about 23:00 on Thursday 26th, and the first of the knock-out games at 17:00 on Saturday 28th.  There will be a scoring change and there will be more things to predict for semi-finals and final.

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