Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Well, well well. It is turning into a tight finish!  With 12 games to go there are fully 10 people within 15 points of the lead. Realistically however the competition is probably now between long time leader Richard Rye, and brother and sister pair Thijs and Jude DeBont. Press reports that Thijs DeBont tried to bribe the organisers to ensure he stays ahead of Jude have been denied. Sepp Blatter is due to make a statement later today.

But Conor Ralph, Daniel Fulton and, incredibly, Josh Lease are still in there. 

Looking at today's predictions the England v Costa Rica game in unlikely to change things much unless Costa Rica win, Aideen gains, or draw, Matthew Cassidy gains. 

The other games have a much more varied prediction pattern so there could be big changes after 11pm tonight. For example a win for Uruguay, a win for Japan and a draw between Ivory Coast and Greece would definitely put Jude top.

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