Wednesday, 25 June 2014

So. What was the big story of the World Cup yesterday? 

Luis Suarez's strange eating habits - a liking for Italian, Serbian and Dutch food? 

Heartbreak for Ivory Coast at the late dodgy penalty to Greece? 

England's failure to win any game and finishing last in their group?

No. It was the story that after the first two games last night Thijs DeBont had slipped to third behind his sister Jude! The Horror!

But much to Thijs's relief and Jude's annoyance Thijs recovered in the second two games to go second again....just.

The other big news of course is the rise and rise of Josh Lease. Now, even Josh would admit to having only the most cursory knowledge of the game of soccer. So how did he manage to get so many results correct? Black magic? Maybe inside information from his days in Chile? Or maybe just divine inspiration. Whatever it was if Iran and Algeria win their games tonight Josh will go top. And the way this World Cup has gone who knows!

With the predictions we have tonight only a few perfect 5's can take Thijs or Jude closer to the lead. They may need this if they are to finally overtake Richard on the last day of Round 1

But remember - Round 2 is about to begin and even for those who did poorly in the first round this is a chance to shine.

Last word from me must be about Ivory Coast. I am distraught at the manner of their departure. This is the last World Cup game for one of my sporting heroes, Didier Drogba. The Toure brothers were playing for their younger brother who died a few days ago only in his late 20's. And there is so much talent in that team I for one am sorry we wont see them in the next round. :(

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