Monday, 30 June 2014

Some have fallen by the wayside. Some, overcome by emotion and disappointment just could not go on. Others suffered bizarre injuries that meant they couldn't even turn on their computers. And the Great Leader from the early battles, Richard Rye, has been seen wandering the streets of Magaluf asking complete strangers if he can use their laptops.

So only 33 of the original 46 had sufficient energy to continue to Round 1. And we have a right battle now for the Round 2 title and the overall Grand Champion title. 

After 4 games Aideen Kearns has not only taken the lead in Round 2 but is the overall leader also. But Josh Lease continues his amazing Round 1 performance and is in hot pursuit.

Neilan Govender, a man almost broken by his staggeringly poor performance in Round 1, has come back fighting to lie second in the Round 2 table.

Of course there are many private battles going such as Micheal Ralph's quest to restore his family standing. Of course the Thijs and Jude battle continues although currently Thijs has the edge - but there is still a long way to go!

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