Tuesday 1 July 2014

Manuel took a big risk yesterday going for a draw between Germany and Algeria - and it paid off! 

While Camilla Rye with her 10-pointer in the France Nigeria game moves quietly into second place in Round 2, Aideen holds on to top spot in both Round 2 and Grand Totals tables.

Josh Lease is still very close to a shock overall win but his prediction of a draw between Argentina and Switzerland will either prove to be a master stroke - or complete disaster!

We note the influence of national pride in some of the predictions for tonight's games - Herbie Loetscher going for Switzerland to draw with Argentina and Josh for the US to draw with Belgium. Heart ruling head maybe? We'll see.

But there are still 10 games to go and with the introduction of 'name the goalscorers' for the Quarter Finals and beyond it is far from decided.

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