Wednesday 2 July 2014

Yesterday we speculated as to whether Herbie and Josh had let their hearts rule their heads in predicting draws for Switzerland and USA. Well whether it was the heart or the head both benefited from great performances from Switzerland and USA. Josh even got both results right!

Sadly neither of their teams won in extra time although both can be very proud of the performances. Brave efforts from both.

Good old US know-how - is that Josh's secret? He has now climbed to the top of both tables after Aideen had a particularly bad day. She is considering legal action against Chris Wondolowski of the US who, had he taken that chance at the end of regular time, would have given her all 10 points on a US win. But if Aideen feels bad today imagine what Chris Wondolowski must feel like today! 

Following the revelations about Cameroon match-fixing we have had a request from FIFA to submit our prediction stats.  They want to see if any of our entrants benefited greatly from any of the Cameroon match results. FIFA may want to talk to a few people....

Next up in Round 2 are the Quarter-Finals which will be very hard to call. Are Argentina really as poor as they seem? Can France finally overcome their football Germanophopia and beat Germany in a World Cup finals game? Revenge for that Schumacher tackle in 1982 maybe?

Will the Dutch recover sufficiently from the heat of their match to beat Costa Rica? And will the pressure finally tell on Brazil?

The excitement continues - although we are all wondering what will fill the void today and tomorrow!!

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