Saturday 5 July 2014

They are calling it "The Fourth of July Effect" - the extraordinary rise of Josh Lease in our tables. That would be fine if it were only on the 4th July that he garnered points but he has been consistent in this round. Two results right yesterday and not too far away from two perfect scores.

But while there is joy on the West Coast of the US, all of us football, soccer, lovers are in mourning at the death of Brazillian football as we knew it. Yesterday's performance by Brazil was not only an insult to the tradition of Pele, Rivellino, Tostao and their generation, it was also an insult to all of us who are passionate about the game and the way it can be.  

We have had some bad refereeing in this World Cup, not much thank God, but yesterday's display was as bad if not worse than that in the France v Nigeria game. 

The saddest part is to have lost such a team as Colombia and their style of play.

But back to our competition!

With tonight's predictions only an exact score prediction can move the likes of Aideen, Conor and Thijs closer to Josh. They then have to hope for great results in the last four games to have any hope of overtaking Josh at the last stage.

And get ready for predictions for the next round - where you have to pick goalscorers!

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