Wednesday 9 July 2014

After the first Semi-Final

The idea of predicting the goalscorers was to add a little extra interest and maybe win a few extra points for a few people. We didn't reckon with a German destruction of Brazil 7-1! Those who got the scorers right (see that table here) hit the jackpot.

Aideen Kearns and Manuel Garcia Ochando managed to get 18 points each from the goalscorers yesterday largely thanks to the efforts of Kroos and Schuerrle .

As for our tables Josh Lease still has a lead in the Round 2 table but has slipped to one point behind the new Grand Total leader Conor Ralph. Conor's sister-in-law, Lilyan is now in second spot on the Round 2 table so Micheal is living in fear of finishing behind both his wife and his brother!

Tonight's game could see some changes at the top although Thijs will need his Argentinian goalscorers to come through for him as he and Conor Ralph have exactly the same predictions except for one Argentinian! But since Thijs will not want Argentina so score at all against Netherlands he may be 'conflicted'.

But a draw after 90 minutes could push Lilyan to the top of the Round 2 table - unless we get 8 more goals tonight and then anything could happen! 

Note: Apologies for the odd fonts for the players names we will try to fix for the next round.

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