Thursday 10 July 2014

Thrilling finish in store - not the football.

Unlike the bore-fest last night between Netherlands and Argentina, our competition is a real nail-biter! 

In the Round 2 competition Lilyan Ralph has the slenderest of leads, half a point, over Josh Lease and is only four points ahead of Conor Ralph. And given the way the scoring has gone it is safe to say that anyone within about 10 points of the lead could still win.

In the Grand Total table it is a clear race between Conor, Josh and Thijs. With Lilyan, Aideen, Manuel and Leah 20 or more points off the pace the winner will come from the three above.With two games to play in the competition a slip now could be fatal!

So even if the teams in the competition fail to live up to expectations this competition is always exciting.

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