Monday 14 July 2014

The Final Chapter

So it ends. The most exciting World Cup Predictions Competition to date. And what a finish!

Right up to the final whistle Thijs DeBont could still have won. Even in extra time had Argentina scored and sent the game to penalties and Germany won, Thijs would have had the three points he needed. Or if Bastian Schweinsteiger had scored a second for Germany Thijs could have overtaken Josh at the close.

But Josh Lease's amazing run was sustained and he not only won the title of Grand Champion but also won Round 2. Congratulations Josh!

We must also congratulate Richard Rye for his Round 1 performance - if his Leaving Cert results are as good his family will be even more pleased!

But we must not forget those who briefly or otherwise held the lead in the various tables only to fade. People like Aideen Kearns who for a good part of Round 2 looked like she could be the Grand Champion. Others like Conor Ralph also nearly made it. 

Winners of the last World Cup competition Leah Cassidy and Raymond Bannon acquitted themselves well again. Lilyan Ralph also came close to glory in Round 2.

But maybe the story of Round 2 was the amazing last minute performance of Joe Kearns who with a last gasp managed to lift himself off the bottom of the Round 2 table to finish just ahead of Roger Lorens! 

And lastly, a story from the Vatican. It was rumoured that as the game ended loud guffaws were heard from the quarters of Pope Emeritus Benedict. Pope Francis still has work to do on his channel to the Almighty.

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