Tuesday 15 July 2014

Final Tables - The Real Winer

Well, they say it could happen to a bishop  - or maybe even a Pope

There was joy unconfined for Thijs DeBont when, due to a calculation error whereby the goalscoring points from the Semi-Finals were mistakenly omitted, he was found to have won the Grand Champion Title - by one point!

But Josh did win the Round 2 Competition considered by many to be a real test of prediction skill.

The staff responsible for the error have, of course, been fired. 

All the data you could want is now online including:

All points won from goals scored - and lost by yellow cards- Semi-Finals, Final and 3rd/4th
Alternative Table For Round 2 - Right and Wrong 
More comprehensive Grand Totals Table
Goalscorer points included in Round 2 Table

So congratulations to Thijs, Josh and Richard for their wins.

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